Wolcen Patch live

Servers and patches (includes patch changelog)

Hello everyone,

First of all, we want to thank you for your patience. It has been a rocky launch and we clearly weren’t expecting that much passion for Wolcen.

We know that the connection issues and bugs you currently encounter are frustrating and prevent you from fully appreciating the game, and we want to assure you that we’re doing our best to resolve all these problems as fast as possible.

However, following the situation that occurred last Friday with the data loss, we now know that we can’t continue to apply hotfixes and patches the way we’ve always done so far. We have to coordinate with our partners to monitor the situation and make sure that we won’t encounter any major database issues.

Since there are higher chances that such issues occur when a lot of players try to join the servers at once, we had to take two temporary measures:

- The server capacities are currently limited to a certain amount of concurrent players.

- We can only perform one patch per week and we need to coordinate with our partners to push it.

The situation will be improved, we’re currently in the process of upgrading our servers infrastructure. The next patch will already bring some enhancements that will allow us to increase the limit of concurrent players, and we will continue to increase it if we notice improvements.

Our team is also working on the various issues spotted since the release, including critical ones. Here is the patch note for the patch that will be applied this week.


  • Fixing a crash on connection if a player starts an endgame "transmutation forge" project.
  • Fixing an issue allowing players to have more passive skill nodes activated than their total points would allow.
  • Fixing item duplication via chest panel issue (offline).
  • Fixing stackable items duplication.
  • Fixing invalid sell price on stacked items.
  • Fixing an issue that caused a chest panel deletion when changing acts.
  • Fixing item deletion when exiting the game while dragging an item from the inventory.
  • Fixing an issue causing players to fall from act 1 boss' platform while using Warpath.
  • Fixing an issue causing crafting reagents to ignore lower tier gems when selecting magic effects.
  • Fixing an issue preventing DOT damage bonuses to be displayed in the character sheet detail panel.


  • Fixing an issue making items on the ground hard to pick up depending on the framerate.


  • Fixing an issue preventing summoned minions bonuses to work.
  • The Wealth Omens cannot be possessed by Parasite anymore.
  • Fixing an issue preventing Livor Mortis damage redirection to work.
  • Fixing an issue causing Livor Mortis damage redirection to invalidate player magic effects.


  • Fixing an issue preventing offline characters to be saved.


  • Fixing issues regarding network load & unretrieved data.


  • Fixing an issue to prevent the player from going to Helmshire before talking to Valeria during "Dawnbringer"
  • Fixing two soft-locks preventing players to go in the Monolith
  • Remove double objectives while exiting Battlefield Overlook during "Infiltration"
  • Fixing the progression issue in Cell-F Ramparts during "The Gates of Fury"
  • Remove quest FX on Sirkis’ cutscene during "The Bane of the Storm"
  • Improve Edric and Val’s stability during "Children of Heimlock"
  • Improve behavior of the fast travel tutorial during "Meet the Purifiers"
  • Improve the transition from gameplay to the last cutscene during "Children of Heimlock"
  • Improve clarity of the objectives on the quest "Chasing Val"
  • Improve script of the quest "Chasing Val"
  • Improve script around Zima's dialog during "Creeping Shadows"
  • Fixing a wrong dialog portrait displayed during "Children of Heimlock"
  • Fixing an issue preventing players from talking to Zima in act 2.
  • Fixing an issue preventing players from progressing further during act 2.


  • Fixing a bug allowing Eos "Dawn's pious striker" to kill certain story bosses under 15% of their max health when used in combination with "Sudden Death".
  • Fixing an issue with the Endgame special boss preventing loot to drop upon death.
  • Fixing an issue with the Endgame special boss that sometimes didn't have the right level.


  • Replacing the bonus to "health on this item" on Purifier's Statement unique spaulder by a "maximum health" bonus. Existing items will be rerolled.
  • Fixing the “additional stamina points” magic effect on boots being unable to roll on high-level items.
  • Fixing the Macksfesten Enneract cosmetic mismatch that made it appear as an unknown weapon and without any mesh.


  • Fixing a bug with Child Of Fury node "Blistering Embrace" and "Shattering Strike". They didn't work properly.
  • White Arrow node "Acute Tracking" now allows for a maximum of 10 "Cold Blooded" points, up from 5 maximum points.
  • Siegebreaker node "Secure Parry" now gives 0.1% Health Regeneration per "Inexorable" point down from 10% Health Regeneration per "Inexorable Point". Percentages are hard.
  • Siegebreaker node "Bane of Tyranny" now has its correct value too! Your Damage is now increased by +0.5 multiplier by your equipped Shield'S block chance instead of 50. Again.. percentages are hard high-level!


Aspects of the Apocalypse balance: we reduced their duration and increased their damage in order to make these forms more impactful in comparison with non-Apocalypse damage per second.

Base damages of all Aspects of Apocalypse skills have been increased by 60%.

Aspect of Dawn

  • Immaculate Score: increase cost from 5 -> 40
  • Immaculate Score: increase damage multiplier by 100%
  • Dawn Choir: increase cost from 10 -> 60
  • Dawn Choir: increase damage multiplier by 300%
  • Will of the Protector: increase cost from 20 -> 60
  • Hammer of the Aurora: increase cost from 20 -> 100
  • All-Cleansing Light: increase cost from 100 -> 200

Aspect of War

  • Frenzy attack: increase cost from 5 -> 40
  • Frenzy attack: increase damage multiplier by 100%
  • Charge of the First warrior: increase cost from 20 -> 60
  • Charge of the First warrior: increase damage multiplier by 200%
  • Unflinching Assault: increase cost from 10 -> 20
  • Scorching Obelisk: increase cost from 20 -> 100
  • Strife of Baäpheth: increase cost from 100 -> 200

Aspect of Infinity

  • Biorhytmic Missiles: increase cost from 5 -> 40
  • Biorhytmic Missiles: increase damage multiplier by 150%
  • Parallel Convergence: increase cost from 10 -> 40
  • Parallel Convergence: increase damage multiplier by 200%
  • Calamitous Paradox: increase cost from 20 -> 150
  • Calamitous Paradox: reduce the bonus damage per Point of Entropy by 70%.
  • Calamitous Paradox: increased cooldown from 5 -> 10 seconds
  • Inevitable Obsolescence: increase cost from 20 -> 100
  • Inevitable Obsolescence: reduce damage multiplier by 20%.
  • Spatial Warp: increase cost per second from 25 -> 40
  • Spatial Warp: reduce the max duration of the last phase from 5 seconds -> 3 seconds.
  • Spatial Warp: reduce damage multiplier of the first phase by 50%.
  • Spatial Warp: reduce damage multiplier of the second phase by 33%.
  • Spatial Warp: reduce damage multiplier of the last phase by 25%.

Aspect of Flesh

  • Boneblade Incisions: increase cost from 5 -> 40
  • Boneblade Incisions: increase damage multiplier by 100%
  • Bone Shuriken: increase cost from 20 -> 40
  • Bone Shuriken: increase damage multiplier by 100%
  • Eviscerating Flurry: increase cost from 20 -> 50
  • Eviscerating Flurry: increase damage multiplier by 100%
  • The Ungering Flesh: increase cost per second from 20 -> 50
  • The Ungering Flesh: reduce damage multiplier of the final hit by 40%.


  • Added "Feeding Swarm" enneract in the quest reward when you talk to Demetra for the first time.
  • Fixing a generation issue on some Maps and Reverie incense leading to the wrong area (ex: expedition with more chests that don’t have any chest).
  • Fixing some rare occurrence of the Offering Shrine to be unable to generate valid objects at a low character level.


  • Restored missing sound effects, ambiance, and music across the game.
  • Some performance gains from optimisations to environmental audio.


  • Changed the name of Concealed Pistol, it's now named Radiant Pistol
  • You can now fast travel instead of fast tavel.
  • Removed the double occurrence of "Rogue" in the Siegebreaker "Salvatory Anchor"
  • Added missing localization for some error messages.
  • Fixing some typos in dialogues.

In addition to this, know that we're also currently working on other issues/additions and although they're not in the patch note, we're hoping that they will be resolved/added in this week's patch. If they are not, they will be in the patch next week:

  • PTBR localization selection
  • Adding the Korean language
  • Unable to click "Play" in multiplayer
  • Act III boss stuck during the boss fight and can't be killed
  • Unconfirmed item dupes
  • Act I boss stuck during his ultimate and can't be killed
  • Force Shield synchronization and related nodes leading Force Shield to behave strangely

Thank you for your support.