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Von P4InKiLLeR,

Wreckfest February Update

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  • Added a new banger variant of European 1 hot hatch.
  • Improved the model of the European 1 race variant.
  • Redesigned the livery style we’re going with, and the results can be seen on the reworked European 1 skins.
  • Added a new Mixed 5 track with two routes + a special free route in which the player can choose which route to take. Naturally both routes count towards laps, with the first one being longer but faster and the second one shorter but slower. Note that for now the replay cameras can somewhat glitchy on the free route variant.
  • Started reworking Sandpit1 (heavy wip for now).

  • Improved track art on Racing 2, implemented new curbs, added more race track decorations and various props.
  • Improved track art on Gravel 1, made the track narrower in places, added more details and props..
  • Updated the suspension setups of all vehicles for a more realistic portrayal of rear-wheel drive cars so that cars are significantly more balanced when cornering. Now it’s also easier to break the rear free without the car going into the understeer mode like previously. The bahaviour of the cars is also visually more convincing now.
  • Improved the chase camera(s) to give a better impression of sliding and going over bumps.
  • Improved engine torque mappings for a better response so it’s easier to modulate throttle when sliding.
  • Implemented the new tire model for the rest of the vehicles (AM2 II used it already). Alternate tires have been deprecated.
  • Improved gearbox ratios for all vehicles to better suit the tracks and the kind of racing in our game.
  • Reduced the handbrake power of European 2 and European 2 (II) since it was too snappy, causing the car to spin instantly.
  • As a result of the above changes the handling of the most cars will feel significantly different – We think this handling model suits the game better and makes it more fun, but of course we’d love to hear what you think!!
  • Vehicles no longer clip in collisions or sink into the terrain mesh when on their roof.
  • Landing glitch (bouncing upon landing) is now almost completely eliminated without kludgey workarounds. Very heavy landings will still cause a bit of damage but it’s something we will try to eliminate in future.
  • In multiplayer, starting grid is now sorted in reverse order based on leaderboard times. What this means is that the better your global time on the track’s leaderboard is the further back the grid you have to start. The green OK text next to the player name means that the time has been fetched successfully.
  • AI cars no longer stop at their tracks at start when someone in front hits the brakes.
  • AI cars now slow down due to colliding with a car in front even when the car in front is being lapped or driving outside the track.
  • Brake, Throttle and Steering Saturation settings now work correctly. In case the brakes or the throttle seems too snappy now, try increasing saturation slightly but be aware that too much saturation causes the input to never reach close enough to 100%. Likewise, if you prefer even snappier response try reducing saturation.
  • Gamepad/keyboard controller steering limiter now has more evolved logic into it, making it easier to turn the wheels just enough but not too much while cornering. Speed Sensitivity default is still the same as before (75%) but if you prefer a more precise control over the car something like 60-65% will work wonders.
  • Fixed checkpoint issues on various tracks.
  • Removed the animated blimp since it was buggy and causing instability.
As always, thanks for your continuous support!