• Are more options planned for placed weapons like the current Pak-40. I was imagining one of those 20mm flak guns or an HE mortar. Side note- you guys are awesome, absolutely amazing dev team, seriously ya'll rock.

    Thanks so much for the support! Our plan is to introduce a flak position as a deployable that can be upgraded to various levels, with different functions. We’re also looking at allowing you to upgrade the AT guns similarly. We’re also going to be introducing mortars and deployables too (and most likely HMGs). There’s still a lot more to come!

    UE5 may be in your hands early this year. (remember the amazing demo) So what do you think UE5 can bring to the game? Destruction maybe? More dust? ect. Keep up the good work, and be proud of what you are doing. cheers Jimmi.

    UE5 is still quite a Pandora’s Box of potential complexity and features, but one we’re really excited to open up. We’re going to seek to move to it depending on the benefits in order to future-proof the title. If that lets us achieve greater performance, atmospherics or even destruction then you can bet we’ll be very keen to explore if these can be brought into HLL.

    Will we also see incendiary grenades and/or molotov cocktails?

    Yes! We’re actually very excited to properly add fire to the game. It will most likely be later this year, but we want to bring incendiaries in with infantry and vehicle mounted flamethrowers. Molotovs, incendiary grenades - even incendiary rounds are on the table.

    It seems that developing a historically accurate flamethrower would be extremely difficult to implement. How is the team doing with this upcoming weapon, is there anything we should know, what steps have you taken to ensure its accuracy, and when do you foresee it coming to fruition? Thanks!

    Funnily enough a lot of the flamethrower code already exists in the game - we just need to generate some of the FX and the work around setting up the weapon from an animation perspective. We’re going for a fuel/gel mix model - allowing you to consistently throw straight lines of fire over 20-30m (we’ll be testing the ranges). The idea is that it’ll be a way of clearing buildings at range with a high risk and reward factor. Exposing yourself to concentrate the flame, but highly effective at clearing tight spaces.

    Are there any plans to add more vehicles, things like Tank Destroyers, Armoured Cars etc?

    Yes, these are all planned and much more!

    Will there be further tweaks to the gore system, eg. bullet dmg and stuff like bloodpools forming under dead bodies?

    Yes, this is something we want to continue to refine and polish. It’s still using a lot of visually imperfect elements that we want to tighten up and make much better looking.

    With the inclusion of the eastern front and what I'm assuming, more subclasses. Will you try to balance the amount of classes to each faction? IE will Germany have 2 machine gunner classes while Russia and America only have 1?

    Due to the way our backend works, we’re keen to keep the number of roles in the game at 14, as expanding this will cause huge continuously multiplying complexity. As a result of this, we really see the loadouts available to each role as a way of expanding functionality across a team, and weighting it in a particular way.

    Are you guys looking into adding maybe a 1 to 2 minute preparation phase before a match starts? To give people a little time to plan the attack, and to figure out what roles are needed in a squad.

    This will be arriving in Update 9!

    Back during the backing process of HLL, adding in the Pacific was a potential goal that wasn't met. With the success of the game so far, do you think the Pacific may be added into the game sometime in the future? Thanks for everything, and keep up the great work!

    Let’s just say, if things continue as they are then we’d definitely be looking at introducing it.

    How do you figure out how to balance between realism and more "game-y" elements of gameplay?

    It’s always a very tough balance. It usually requires us boiling down the expectation of a feature or weapon and then considering how that could be best represented on the battlefield in a way that compliments or modifies other existing mechanics. A good example is the artillery. We felt it was important to capture the total power and devastation of it on the battlefield, and to do so we needed to introduce some limiting principles - namely, the need for teamwork in both placing marks, working with a loader and minimal game-feedback that you’re being successful. We’ll always begin with what the absolute most realistic implementation would look like and then work it back to suit the gameplay. Fundamentally it has to feel fun and to perform as close to expectations as possible - paired with an appropriate learning curve and devastating side-effects. If artillery was incredibly easy to fire then we’d have to lower it’s lethality - causing grenade-style explosions. If we make it too powerful, then we’d need to complicate it to the point where it was very inaccessible to use - lowering it’s presence on the battlefield. That is always the balance we consider - “who will want to use this?”

    Are there any particular development processes you use as a small development team to release such a high fidelity game? It amazes me that such a small team can produce such a high fidelity game, arguably better than what many AAA studios have released over the last few years and as a games developer myself I like to know how the small studios get ahead.

    Really appreciate the kind words - they’re a huge encouragement to the team. Realistically, I think finding the right like-minded team-members has played a huge part.

    What feature are you most excited about from the future roadmap?

    I think Campaign mode will tie each battle together in a really meaningful way that will give greater context and reward to the efforts of each player on the battlefield. I’m also very excited about the Eastern Front and the sheer breadth of the combat that will start to roll through the game. That you could be leading a tank column across Normandy in one battle to be hacking someone to death with a shovel in the living room of a tiny Russian Izba in the next, to dropping artillery on a rocky desert outcrop in the next battle.

    Do you collect stats of every player's efficiency such as kills/times killed throughout his 'career'? Would be interesting to have a look at that not just for one round but in total (all plays) to review personal progress. Thanks

    We do collect stats, and we’re going to build out a stat page in a future update. We’re keen for players to be able to see where they’re improving or efficient, and we also feel that the data will help us make better informed decisions around balance and gameplay.

    What is the plan for a campaign and what is it's status?

    We’re designing Campaign mode to become the default system of map rotation from server to server. Within it, we’ll pit Allies against Axis across a world map, allowing you to experience the full scale of conflict as you press for global victory. Essentially, a campaign will begin on a server and the first 5 minutes will be a both teams observing a world map of different territories. We’re thinking through the exact mechanics at the moment, but want to introduce an element of risk and reward to decision-making in this screen. Will you choose to open your campaign by attacking in the “Beaches” territory (choosing between Utah or Omaha), or will you decide to begin in the far east as the Russian forces? We need the design to be flexible enough to allow us to continually add maps, as well as introduce variety and different stakes to each battle. We want resources to be fixed, so that failing to maintain a good balance in one battle will affect the next one. In addition, the choice you make over whether you choose to attack on Offensive mode, defend on Offensive mode or fight a Warfare battle will similarly change the reward for victory or defeat. We have a huge number of variables that we’re excited to introduce - we’re currently just working over the design to make sure that it’s both compelling, competitive and balanced. It also needs to be able to house all current and future content. In any case, it will be a very, very large update post-launch as it’ll be a very significant addition to the game.

    During early access it's hard to decide if you want to implement new features to bring new players, or fix bugs to keep existing players interested. How do you plan on balancing those two objectives?

    It’s definitely always a difficult balance. New exciting content brings in new players and allows us to keep the lights on at the studio, but at the same time we always need to make sure we’re dealing with the bugs and less fun aspects of the game that are causing issues for the community. We’re reaching a point now though where there aren’t many surprises within the course of development. We’re finalising some aspects of optimisation and technical processes that will make development much smoother when it comes to fixing bugs and performance. Eventually we hope that we’ll reach a point where all the fundamentals work seamlessly and we can spend time widening the game.

    Update 8 has been great! Especially the updates to the support and engineers. What unit type do you think needs more love the most next and what additional infantry loadouts & customizations do you have planned for the future?

    Really glad you’re enjoying the additions! Ultimately we’ll be rotating through the most under-cooked loadouts to add more and more to them before circling back to the start. Initially we were so busy with overhauling key parts of the game that many of the loadouts became just different mixes of existing guns. We’re going to be increasingly moving away from introducing loadouts with existing elements, and use them how they were designed - as a way of introducing entirely new functionality (be it weapons or gadgets or equipment).

    :weinen: Jammert nicht! Steht auf und Kämpft! :soldat:

  • Do you ever expect the game to have tanking only maps? Would be kind of cool!

    We’re keen to keep the ruleset for HLL as fixed as possible, with the main variable being the maps and forces present. That said, we know that some maps are better for infantry and some are better for vehicles. While we’d never limit the players or force playstyles in a certain direction, we’re going to be introducing some famous tank battles. It’ll become obvious once you’re in the battle why armor played such an important role in open, rolling terrain!

    Night combat, do you have any plan to do any current maps but with night variants? If so, would flare guns also be looked at both as illumination and anti tank/infantry variants?

    Yes, we’ll be bringing in a night mode in the future. We feel it’ll need flare guns to brighten up longer ranges and give unique purpose to the night environment. We don’t want to introduce a night time mode that just encourages players to increase their gamma!

    Are there any plans to introduce rifle grenades? (spigot-type grenade launcher / Schiessbecher) + thank you for your work so far! :)

    Yes, we’re very keen to introduce this to the game in a future update!

    Getting Up Close and Personal!

    Dedicated melee weapons are on the way! We'll be sharing how they work and more in an upcoming Developer Briefing.


    They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer...

    That wraps up this week's Dev Brief!

    We hope you enjoyed our latest Community Q&A session, let us know what your favourite questions and answers were in the comments as we'd love to hear what you think!

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    We'll see you on the frontline.

    :weinen: Jammert nicht! Steht auf und Kämpft! :soldat:

  • Developer Briefing #114 - Early Access Roadmap Update 2021!

    Hey everyone,

    Welcome to Dev Brief #114!

    This week we're pleased to be sharing with you our updated Early Access Roadmap for 2021!

    We'll also be sharing with you the key parts of Update 9 today! On top of that we're letting you know how you can test out these new additions and changes ahead of Update 9's launch to give us your thoughts and feedback before they go live.

    We'd seen from various parts of the community that you'd like to get more involved in changes to the game ahead of their implementation and we're looking forward to further embracing that mantra with you.

    Now I'm going to pass the Dev Brief over to Lead Developer Max to show you what's next for Hell Let Loose -

    A Message From Max - Roadmap Update!

    Hi everyone,

    We are excited to share the first roadmap update of 2021! This will show what’s coming up in Update 9 and what is still to come this year and beyond. We also want to give you more info about some of the changes well in advance of Update 9 itself, in order to keep new and veteran players better informed and to provoke conversation before we open testing up in the PTE.

    Hell Let Loose PTE Application

    Within the next few weeks we will begin testing U9. This is to make sure we have stable servers and clients before the update gets pushed live. We will have a focus on specific things we want the community to test and give feedback on, and will let you know what these are closer to the test date. We are happy to tell you it will now have a separate Steam application dedicated to testing.

    While this was a large amount of work to set up for previous playtests, it had always been our desire to provide you with a separate app for quick access. We were able to take the time shortly after the launch of U8 to establish this new system.

    Updated Roadmap - 2021!


    Update 09: Q1 2021

    • Melee
    • Server Admin Camera
    • Implement correct weapon zeroing for all firearms
    • Beginning the armor system rework
    • Community Voice Overs
    • Steam Achievements
    • Barbed Wire functionality
    • Added and refined localization
    • MG34
    • Additional loadouts
    • Continued Bug & Crash fixes
    • Warmup Staging Period for Warfare Mode
    • XP level increase
    • Sound Improvements across the board (BAR to footsteps to death)
    • UI Changes
    • Max level Increase
    • Improve optimisation
    • Grass and Foliage spawning improvements
    • Utah Beach Offensive mode for both German and US forces
    • Weapon visual quality overhaul
    • Improved Damage Occlusion System

    And many more changes!

    Medium Term Still To Come:

    • Continued improvements to armor systems
    • Campaign Mode
    • SMDM Overhaul
    • Russian Forces
    • Russian Weapons
    • Russian Vehicles
    • Flamethrowers
    • Kursk
    • Unannounced Eastern Front Map currently in development
    • 2 Unannounced Western Front Maps currently in development
    • Continued in-game FX overhaul
    • Continued in-game SFX overhaul
    • Continued implementation and expansion of RCON features

    Beyond this Roadmap

    We want to assure you that there’s tons to come beyond this roadmap, we simply can’t fit it all on here and feel it’s more important to communicate short and medium term goals on this image.

    Armor System Rework

    One of our toughest challenges has been how we tackle the armor bugs and inconsistencies, and get it to a place where it is fun, satisfying and consistent.

    Update 9 contains many changes to armor. Some large ones are:

    • Increased the MG belt size to 200.
    • Fixed zeroing on the MGs resulting in far less drop off.
    • Reworked several associated sounds.
    • Created new FX to better designate non-penetrating hits.
    • Reworked HE shell damage tracing to make them ignore smaller occluding collision (ie. a fence won’t protect you from the damage). Includes all radial damage on explosions.
    • Buffed HE shell damage radius on all vehicles.
    • Began reworking smart materials and geometry on all vehicles and vehicle viewports to increase visual fidelity and lower vram requirements.
    • Altered Fuel costs
    • Hitbox adjustments
    • Collision adjustments
    • Penetration values & angles
    • Armour values
    • Tank handling and stability

    :weinen: Jammert nicht! Steht auf und Kämpft! :soldat:

  • We will continue work on the many different aspects of the armor system in response to community feedback, taking into consideration but not limited to the following:

    • Main gun alignment
    • Coaxial gun alignment
    • Vehicle PhysX
    • Handheld AT Damage
    • AT Gun Damage and distribution
    • Mine Damage
    • Tank Speed
    • Turret speed
    • Switching seat speed
    • Expansion and balancing of vehicle rosters
    • Reconsideration of vehicle componentry
    • Repairing
    • Rearming
    • Tank commander loadouts
    • Crewman loadouts
    • Introduction of new vehicles
    • Ongoing hitbox adjustments
    • Ongoing collision adjustments
    • Ongoing penetration values & angles
    • Ongoing maintenance and balancing of armor values

    We want to acknowledge that the current tank play can be very frustrating, and we are 100% dedicated to improving the overall armour and vehicle experience based on the community's feedback. This will not come all at once, as it requires rigorous testing and significant development time, but we want to reaffirm this is a top priority. The reason we’re unable to achieve this in a single update is due to the intense complexity behind the scenes as to how the vehicle physics model works. Often, adjusting one aspect of the vehicles will cause unintended other issues.

    For example, while we can easily alter some aspects of penetration or armour values, we feel that there are endemic issues in the way the physics model works that will require a bigger relook.

    We still have a lot to do, and are far from happy with it’s current implementation. We will be continuing to make significant changes, and will be asking the community for feedback when we have more focused PTEs post Update 9.

    We are aware of some current optic and gun offsets that can arise during gameplay. We understand why this is happening and are currently troubleshooting the best approach, however this is likely a significant rework and will require a lot of development and QA time.

    There are some immediate collision and hitbox issues that we will be looking to resolve for U9, but will require additional work to make this more consistent and intentional. We will do our best to eliminate as many armour bugs we can for U9, and we appreciate the patience as we work to fix this for the community, especially for those who main tanks.

    .INI File & AA Settings

    We have made the decision to lock the .ini file to avoid exploits and game-breaking alterations. As we’ve had to lock this, we’ve collated a huge number of community-specific AA settings and have included these as an AA setting (this can be accessed in the Options menu under “Community”).


    We have seen some significant improvements to the in-game voip since last week due to changes made by Vivox. We are going to continue to troubleshoot with them and we will continually provide updates as we work to resolve these issues.

    We have also included in U9 the ability to re-connect to the VIVOX server via the game options menu, this may resolve your VOIP bug, depending on the issue you are experiencing.

    Grass & Foliage

    We’ve rewritten the way we spawn grass so it is now near-instant. This will provide a significant upgrade to the cover and concealment within the game - especially near spawns. We have also worked through all maps to make sure that grass and bushes are not affected by setting scaling. This means that low foliage quality settings will no longer remove concealing bushes.


    We are looking at ways to balance loadouts as we look to introduce the Russian forces and therefore more weapons into the game. The current loadouts are by no means final and will be something that will be constantly tweaked for gameplay and balance throughout ongoing development.

    Also we will be introducing some new loadouts specifically to those roles that lack a second loadout.

    • Commander
    • Machine Gunner
    • Sniper
    • Tank Commander

    Warfare Forward Garrison Meta

    The Warfare Garrison meta has been updated and the rules around their placement have been adjusted to encourage offset placement, but to discourage ninja-garrison spawn bombing.

    • Garrisons can now be placed in the first row/column of the red zone.
    • Garrisons placed in the red zone cost 100 supplies.
    • Garrisons placed in the red zone are disabled if enemies are within 100m of them. This is to encourage conservative placement.

    NOTE: We will be testing this during the PTE and specifically observing the placement and effectiveness of these in opening up a more circular frontline.


    As mentioned when we released achievements, we want to reiterate that many will not be available to unlock until we make client and server side changes in Update 9.

    UI Changes

    We’ve reworked the deployment screen format and main menu to better include explanatory descriptions and format the text better to multiple resolution scales. This also includes adding an available spawn point list in the deployment menu.

    Weapon Zeroing

    We’ve fixed the zeroing across all firearms. Effectively, this means your sights are adjusted to compensate for bullet drop, meaning you’ll need to aim a smaller amount above your target's head to correct for bullet drop.

    Max Level Increase

    We have increased the max level from 200 to 500. For those who are already at level 200 you can expect to see your level jump to your new level, based on your existing experience points

    A Note on Dev Briefs

    We’ve noticed that the content of dev briefings tends to be angled towards one of two parts of the community: one side is keen to hear about future content or to look behind-the-scenes at the development process, while the other is interested in granular updates on specific technical issues.

    While in the past we’ve tried to balance the briefings between addressing hot button issues and future content or things we’re working on, we’re now going to do our best to include running status updates on hot button issues - even if we’ve addressed them in previous dev briefings. We will include these at the end of the dev briefing to try to keep you as up to date as possible.

    Tell us what you think!

    That wraps up this week's Developer Briefing!

    We're really excited to be sharing more on the future of Hell Let Loose with you, we'll be delving more into Update 9 and its contents over the coming Dev Briefs too so watch this space!

    As always we love to hear what you think, so feel free to share your thoughts on the Roadmap, Update 9 and PTE changes in the comment section.

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  • Developer Briefing #115 - Admin/Spectate/Content Camera!

    Hey everyone,

    Welcome to Dev Brief #115!

    This week we’re pulling back the curtain on our first iteration of the Admin camera!

    While this will primarily be thought of as an admin tool, we’ve thought a lot about it’s usage as a way for the community to create engaging content by capturing cinematics and screenshots. We’ll go into a bit of the technical detail today on how it’s used.

    To demonstrate this we'll have the usual text based goodness, but we felt that the best way to show you what you can expect with this feature is with a short video. Coming in just shy of 4 minutes you'll see what to expect both as a player and a camera driver.

    Then as a cherry on the cake we've got another new image from the Eastern Front and an update on how we're continually working to maintain game integrity and keep Hell Let Loose cheat free.

    Now I'll hand you over to Max and Spono for all the info:

    Footage from the frontline with Max and Spono!

    Admin / Spectator / Content Camera

    We’ll be rolling out the admin/spectate camera in Update 9. This will allow the user to better follow the events of the battle - from watching infantry units, to spectating vehicles and capturing intense firefights.


    This will have limited availability; with permissions given out by the server owner. They will be able to assign this using Steam IDs, which means this ability will be limited to those individuals only. Admins with those permissions will also have the ability to Kick and Ban within the camera itself. Spectators will have only the camera functionality.

    Camera Keybindings

    Here is a breakdown of the default keybindings and their purpose.

    [End] Enter/Exit Camera: Allows those with server permissions to enter/exit camera

    [T] Lock/Unlock to target : This will lock/unlock the camera to the highlighted target

    [Y] Lock/Unlock rotation: This will lock/unlock the ability to rotate camera

    [H] Highlight Mode:

    Target Only - Highlights your target only

    All - Highlights all enemy and friendly players

    All Enemies - Highlights all enemy players

    All Friendlies - Highlights all friendly players

    OFF - No highlighting

    [K] Toggle Clip on/off - Will allow camera to clip through objects (Is handy for cinematic tracking)

    [Home] Toggle UI mode: This will toggle the camera UI elements on/off

    [Enter] Toggle Search: Will toggle player search window on/off

    Search window options

    Search: Player name search

    Kick/Ban: Admin ability to Kick/Ban players

    Snap to player: Will immediately snap to the selected player’s location

    Clear selection: Clear/Unselect the selected player

    Copy player name

    Copy STEAM 64ID

    Camera Server Logging

    Entering and exiting of the camera will be captured in the server logs and accessible to server owners. It will show the timestamp of camera entry and exit, player name, and STEAM user ID.

    Camera Permissions

    Permissions will be set by the server owner. Nobody will have access to the camera unless permission is granted.

    Camera Admin / Spectator Slot

    The use of the camera will take up one player slot on the server. Which means that the admin/spectator will need to be on a team and deployed.

    Server Owners

    If you are an old or new server owner and are currently not in the HLL server owner & admin Discord, please DM @_Spono in the official HLL Discord, with your server IP & details.

    Server Stability

    We are working with server providers to ensure the best possible HLL experience for server owners, the admins and their communities. We are currently investigating what we believe to be sporadic network related issues. If you are a server owner and are having stability issues, you can contact @Corex or @_Spono via DM in the official HLL Discord.

    Get your HLL server

    We currently have three server providers for Hell Let Loose. If you wish to setup and run your own HLL server and community, checkout the game server provider links below:




    Привет из Курска

    A view from a German-held hamlet towards the Russian lines south of Prokhorovka.



    We’re always in constant communication with our partners at EAC - our anti-cheat provider.

    Occasionally, videos are flagged of cheating behaviour or that are designed as promotional material for new cheats. We immediately flag these with EAC and they work hard to ban anyone using these. Like most development studios, we don’t often address this publicly, as granular information about cheats benefits those making or distributing them.

    You can also help us by directly reporting a cheat HERE.

    New Issue Status

    You can find a granular status update on several issues (grass spawning, Garrison meta etc.) in last weeks Roadmap Dev Brief:

    Dev Brief #114 - Update Early Access Roadmap 2021

    Onwards to the weekend!

    That wraps up this week's Dev Brief!

    What do you think of our first iteration Admin Cam? Let us know in the comments!

    Have a fantastic weekend everyone, we'll see you on the frontline.

    :weinen: Jammert nicht! Steht auf und Kämpft! :soldat:

  • Developer Briefing #116 - Hell Let Loose Public Testing App!

    Hey everyone,

    Welcome to Developer Briefing #116!

    This week's one is slightly earlier than usual as we've just put our new PTE app live!

    Please note whilst the app is a permanent addition to Hell Let Loose, it will only be 'active' during certain times windows which we'll advertise here on Steam, Discord and our social media channels.

    I'll pass you over now to Spono who'll explain all:

    Using the HLL Public Testing App!

    Today we're launching our Hell Let Loose Public testing app. This is a separate application in your Steam library that you’ll need to download in order to participate in the PTE. Servers will be made available during testing periods only. We’ll announce these times in the HLL official Discord.

    The PTE on the EU servers will commence at approximately 11AM GMT Thursday 25th of February, and will run until approximately 8PM GMT (we’ll do an announcement when servers go online). We’ll then switch over and continue the PTE on US servers, where testing will continue from approximately 3PM till 11PM, Eastern Time USA.

    Feedback Form

    Please use THIS FORM for feedback during and specific to the PTE -

    What we are testing:

    • The stability and utility of this new public testing app
    • Weapon zeroing
    • Melee (animations are WIP and are yet to be updated and finalised)
    • Changes to the Garrison placement meta (red zone Garrisons)
    • Partial reload (ability to discontinue a reload beyond a critical points and still be functionally reloaded)
    • UI changes
    • VOIP stability fixes, including a reconnect button in the Options menu
    • Weapon material overhaul
    • Weapon sight picture overhaul (cleaned up and standardised a lot of the sizing and sight cleanliness, geometry and colours).
    • Grass optimization, longer cull distances and quicker loading times
    • MG34 (animations are WIP and are yet to be updated and finalised)
    • New sniper rifle non-blurry optics
    • Utah Beach US and German Offensive modes
    • Barbed wire functionality
    • Gamepad and controller support
    • General increased game optimization
    • New loadouts for the MG, Commander, Tank Commander and Sniper roles
    • Vehicle gameplay experience, including weapon effectiveness, traction and vehicle handling

    Please note: this is not the full changelist for U9, it is what we are keen to focus community attention on.

    Maps in the PTE roster

    • Utah Beach Offensive US
    • Utah Beach Offensive Germany
    • Foy Warfare
    • Hurtgen Warfare
    • Carentan Warfare


    We are continuing to improve the in game VIVOX/VOIP experience. If you do have VOIP issues during the PTE, try the reconnect function in the game menu under Audio and let us know in the PTE feedback form. With your feedback we ask that you please provide as much information as possible, including which server, which map, time and date. Also include if you noticed other people also being affected by the same issue as you, and if you used the reconnect option, if it worked or not.


    Lots of general sound improvements to test, but particular things to listen out for are:

    • Community Voice over acting - Wilhelm scream
    • Footsteps and movement
    • New BAR sound


    We will be testing and observing server stability and performance during the test. If you notice any server issues such as rubber banding and or loss of connection, please let us know in the PTE Feedback form.

    Game UI

    We have made some significant changes to our UI and HUD as we look to future proof the layout and fix scaling issues for more unorthodox resolutions. Upcoming features and QOL improvements are all part of this. This means there may be bugs related to the UI. We have tried to address as many as we can so it’s playable for the PTE, but please report any UI issues you see.

    Player XP

    For this PTE all XP levels will be reset as if you are a new player. This does not mean you lose your XP for the Public build of the game, this is just a chance for us to see if any issues are present for new players. In future PTEs we will likely max out the XP level so all loadouts and cosmetics are unlocked and testable. This also means that initially there will be no Commanders, as it requires level 10.

    Public Testing vs LIVE Game user settings

    There is an issue where launching the PTE will override your .ini files for the base game. This means any selections you’ve made in the Barracks will be reverted to the defaults.

    This does not reset any of your progression - only what you have selected.

    To prevent your .ini files from being overridden whenever you launch the PTE, we recommend setting a new .ini directory for the PTE build.


    • Right click Hell Let Loose (Public Testing) in your Steam Library
    • Click Properties
    • Under Launch Options add “-UserDir=<PATH>”

    Note: Exclude the quotation marks and replace <PATH> with a suitable directory. The image below provides an example directory of using the user’s AppData folder. Please do not use this example without first replacing the username.


    Please note

    • Extra drive space will be required (approximately 23 gb)
    • Access to the servers will be on a first come first served basis and will be limited to 3 servers / 300 players at a time.
    • XP will not be saved during the PTE.
    • Achievements will not be able to be obtained.

    A Reminder

    This PTE build is taken from our live development environment for Update 9, so may include significant bugs or issues that are being currently worked on. We ask you to please report any and all bugs and other issues you may encounter.

    Is there an NDA?

    While we’re not forcing a strict NDA, we’d greatly appreciate it if you would help us build up to the release by not streaming or broadly sharing content from the test app.

    This app has been designed and distributed to assist us in testing and to get your direct and specific feedback about the coming Update. It has not been designed as a marketing tool, and as you can imagine we’d much prefer not to broadly distribute media of content that is a work in progress.

    That wraps this week's Dev Brief!

    For those of you who take part in today's PTE test - We look forward to reading through your thoughts and feedback.

    See you on the frontline

    :weinen: Jammert nicht! Steht auf und Kämpft! :soldat:

  • Developer Briefing #117 - Melee in Hell Let Loose!

    Hey everyone,

    Welcome to Dev Brief #117!

    This week we're sharing with you the details on our upcoming melee combat mechanic!

    To take you through all the details, as well as when you'll be getting to grips with your new melee weapons, I'll be passing you over to Lead Developer Max -

    A Message From Max - Melee in Hell Let Loose

    Hi everyone!

    In Update 9 we’ll be introducing melee for the first time to Hell Let Loose.

    Melee in World War Two was a far more common occurrence than most people think and often took place in brutal room to room fighting - perhaps most poignantly depicted in a tragic scene in Saving Private Ryan.

    How to Melee

    We wanted to emulate the ability to immediately draw your melee weapon and plunge it into the enemy. To do this, we’ve enabled the B key as a quick melee attack. It’ll go for the immediate stab on the target by checking your inventory, seeing which melee weapon you possess and then actioning the attack.

    For those who enjoy a more deliberate rampage, you can simply equip your melee weapon in your inventory before going for the kill.


    In terms of parameters, we’re going to be testing relative reach and speed of a stab in order to give each melee weapon its own benefits. As a result of this, we’re then able to add different melee weapons to different loadouts later - with different speeds and ranges (including bayonets).


    We thought a lot about how we’d introduce melee into such a fast and hardcore game like Hell Let Loose. If we made melee require multiple hits on the target, then it’s very likely that melee would almost never be used - as any attempt to do so would get you killed before being able to administer the killing blow. Similarly, we thought about potentially adding the ability for a blocking or parry system, but realised that this would also be entirely unused as it’s highly unlikely your target will resort to melee in the circumstance.

    We felt that melee would most frequently be used when successfully flanking the enemy - moving your way through a trench or building brutally dispatching the enemy as quickly and efficiently as possible. As a result of this design, meleeing in Hell Let Loose kills the enemy instantly, covering your weapon and hands in blood.

    Development Update

    The team is incredibly busy right now working through issues that arose during the previous PTEs. Thank you everyone for the very useful feedback. We’re excited to action all of it in order to ensure a smooth release of Update 9.

    Onwards to the weekend!

    That wraps up this week's Dev Brief!

    It's slightly shorter than usual, but we wanted to get... Straight to the point and share the core mechanics of how this new combat feature will work.

    Let us know what you think too! What melee weapons would you like to see in the future?

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    We'll see you on the frontline.

    :weinen: Jammert nicht! Steht auf und Kämpft! :soldat: