• Developer Briefing #38 – Unit Management System!

    21. AUG. UM 19:08 UHR - JONNO
    Hey everyone,

    Welcome to Developer Briefing 38! This week we’re pleased to share with you that Unit Management, a feature we know you’ve patiently been waiting for, is coming to Hell Let Loose in Update #2.

    Unit Management will help Officers run their unit, and keep it banded. This is to encourage chatty units, playing with friends, role playing or bringing tactically like-minded players together.

    The full ins and outs of this system can be found below…

    Your Unit, Your Rules!

    When creating a unit and taking the Officer role, players now have the choice as to whether they want to make their unit open or locked.


    The only way a player can join a locked unit is via approval from the unit’s Officer. This is achieved by receiving an invite from said Officer, or by sending a join request to a locked unit and having it accepted.

    When using this system, there’s a couple of things to keep in mind:

    1. Officers can only invite players in the deploy menu and can only invite unassigned (not in a unit already) players.

    2. If an Officer is deployed and alive, unassigned players can send a join request, which will then lead to an actionable prompt on the receiving Officer’s screen.


    To further highlight the importance of Officers, we’re also adding a feature that messages every player in a unit that lacks an Officer that they should probably consider addressing this. Players will be encouraged to do this upon using the deployment screen.

    What shape is Italy?

    Unit management will also bring with it the ability to boot players out of their unit, if you’re an Officer.

    Players that get removed from this method will be removed from their unit upon death, before being prompted to join another unit on the deployment screen.

    Here’s a heads up on what happens to players in different kicking scenarios:

    • Kicked players will be in the same unit VOIP channel, until they die.
    • However, Kicked players do not show up in units and do not count towards a unit’s size.
    • If a Sniper is pending to be kicked on death in a Recon unit, another player can join as a Rifleman immediately and swap to Sniper when the role becomes vacant. (No Sniper stacking!)

    Harsh, but fair.

    Just because we’re adding a kicking feature, it doesn’t mean it should be used on a whim. Ideally newer players or those lacking the experience of more veteran players will be met with patience, encouragement and comradery.

    But, we know that people get kicked for different reasons, so when a kick does occur the affected player will receive a notification as to why they got kicked upon death.


    The three reasons for the boot that an Officer can give are the following:

    1. Not using teamwork

    2. Not staying with the unit

    3. Making room for a friend

    If you find yourself without a unit at the deployment menu, simply join another, or create one of your own.

    Officer’s Rules!


    That wraps up our briefing on unit management. Thanks again for your patience whilst we worked on adding it to the game, you won’t be waiting long for this!

    If you're enjoying Hell Let Loose we'd love you to leave us a Steam review.

    See you on the frontline!

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  • Patch #6 - Live Now!

    22. AUG. UM 15:06 UHR - JONNO
    Hey everyone!

    We’re currently hard at work on all the content for Update 2. However, there are some core issues that we want to address first before we start pushing out planned new features.

    This means attempting to balance fixes to critical issues in patches while still being able to focus on a huge game-changing bulk of work that’ll come in the next update - so we appreciate your patience and understanding with this.

    Patch #6 Notes


    • Applied several final changes to Vivox protocol that fix some servers never having VOIP.
    • Applied fix for Vivox breaking after the map changes.


    • White gates are now passable by all vehicles.


    • New US victory song has been applied and credited.

    Visual Improvements

    • Fixed the pixelation of the Luchs gunner’s optic.

    Coming Soon!

    Finished for Update 2

    • Tiger Tank
    • Full sound overhaul for all vehicles (including systems established for all coming vehicles).
    • Unit kicking.
    • Unit locking.
    • Two-way Unit inviting system.
    • A large suite of RCON commands for community server hosts.
    • A forgive and punish system for teamkilling that also punishes concerted griefing.
    • Rework of Armor units - doubled number of Armor units and reduced their size to 3 men.
    • Vehicle locking system - you cannot enter a crewman position in a vehicle if it is already occupied by another Unit. We will be working with the community to refine this per feedback.
    • Vaulting and mantling is now more responsive, fluid and polished.
    • New rig stance changes and general systems upgrade for the FPP experience.
    • First pass of cosmetic system. We will then be fleshing this out and tying it into the progression system which will be released shortly after.

    Currently working on (non-exhaustive list, we just want to give you some idea)

    • Continuing HUD and UI updates.
    • Making MG deployment more responsive, fluid and polished.
    • Implementing mocap and making large changes to our TPP animation systems. These will result in a much more natural look and feel.
    • Our FPP experience - with a focus on gunplay - is being overhauled in a separate branch. This is to both match our new TPP look, but also to greatly increase the fluidity of the FPP experience.
    • Progression system: We will be unveiling how this will work before release. This ties to a cosmetic system.
    • Continued optimisations.
    • Diving (performed by proning while sprinting). This is wrapped up with our FPP overhaul currently.
    • Bullet penetration.
    • Map balancing (addition of cover and other features in locations that are either boring or creating a tedious gameplay experience).
    • Vehicles.
    • New gamemode.
    • Three new maps are currently at different stages of development.
    • Updating all audio and SFX. We’ve been testing reflections and different reverb volumes alongside all new weapon fire and reload sounds.

    We’ll be releasing a revised roadmap shortly, so watch this space!

    Oh and you didn't think we'd leave you wondering what the vehicle SFX overhaul sounds like did you?

    We'll let the Tiger do the talking here...

    0.jpgYouTube™-Video: Tiger Tank SFX & First Look!
    Aufrufe: 2,870
    If you're viewing this the chances are you came from Hell Let Loose's Patch Notes! As part of the notes we're sharing a first look at our new vehicle SFX, showcased by the upcoming Tiger.

    If you’re enjoying Hell Let Loose, you can help us by leaving us a review on Steam.

    See you on the frontline!

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  • So guckt eben nur der, der sich dafür Interessiert.

    Leiter ist dieses Spiel auch nur ein Nischenprodukt. Bin mit sicherheit kein guter Spieler, aber lernfähig, genau das fehlt vielen jungen Leuten.

    Ach da sterbe ich nur, ist mir zu schwer, dann wird eben wieder was anderes gezockt.

    Ist leider so!

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  • Das lang erwartete Update 2 für Hell let loose ist erschienen...

    Unter anderem mit dem Tiger 1 und Charakteranpassungen, sowie einem Level System:



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    Patch #7 - Live Now!

    Hi everyone!

    This week Patch 7 is bringing you the first iteration of our progression and commendation system, alongside a bunch of other crash fixes and functionality improvements. We’re very hard at work on Omaha Beach and our new Offensive gamemode that will accompany it.

    We deep dived into how our progression and commendation system works in detail HERE.

    Patch Notes


    The progression and commendation system has now been implemented into the game! This is an early iteration of this and we’re sure that we’ll need to balance this further according to community feedback.

    During the first few weeks of implementation we’ve restricted the total amount of customisations options available while we make sure the rate of progression is near where we want it. If we can quickly confirm that the rate of progression matches our testing, we’ll start introducing new customisation options for both career level unlocks and role unlocks.

    Ultimately, we’ll be continually introducing new customisation options in nearly every patch and update as we progress through Early Access. In addition to this, the customisation options you’ll initially have access to will be more on the vanilla side of things. We’ll be introducing historically accurate but much more visually appealing options for the higher levels as we go (this applies for all three categories of optimisation).

    Please note, if we introduce a new customisation option for a level you’ve already unlocked then it will be available to you immediately.

    To do

    In the near future we will be implementing the Barracks customisation functionality in-game when you go to select your role. This will allow you to change your uniform, character and helmet in a map-appropriate setting. We will also be introducing the ability to change your primary weapon loadout with this addition too.



    • Kickstarter/Pre-Order Helmets remain equipped in the Barracks/In-Game after a user disables the DLC.
    • Kickstarter helmet mouse over info now correctly shows that the Kickstarter helmet is for Captain tier or higher.
    • We now stop players being able to repeatedly switch teams before they spawn. This is to make “ghosting” much harder to achieve.



    • Players can still use leadership voice when not part of a Unit if they create and leave a Unit.

    Bug Fixes


    • Player retains the limited camera rotation from vaulting or climbing by having the map change via RCon or Map Vote whilst mid animation.



    • Front-end UI headings do not remain highlighted when they are currently selected.
    • Removed unnecessary kick con on a player’s own name.
    • Removed unnecessary scroll bar in the 'Common' section for the 'Keybindings' sub-menu.
    • Faction emblems appeared to be of a low resolution on the Victory screen.
    • On the scoreboard while in-game, 'next match in 0:00' appears instead of the time remaining in-game.
    • The Unit UI does not visually update correctly if a player that was kicked on the Deployment Screen joins or creates a Unit.



    • Swapping a players team via 'Switch Teams Now' and 'Switch Teams On Death' on RCon does not update the players team for leadership VoIP.
    • Swapping a Commander using RCON "Switch Teams Now" or "Switch Teams On Death" automatically makes them a Commander on the team they were swapped to and causes multiple other major issues.

    Visual Improvements


    • Soldier customisation appear to not decrease in detail over distance once rendered in by being nearby.
    • Two US helmets had a noticeable LOD drop off at close range.
    • Added a tooltip to the score type icons in the tab scoreboard and after round scoreboard.



    • On Foy, player is able to get stuck within a tree's collision box when approaching while in prone position.

    Utah Beach

    • The R667 bunker had incorrect bullet collision.
    • There is a scarecrow inside a house that had blood particle effects when shot.

    In Testing

    • Omaha Beach
    • Offensive Gamemode
    • Queuing for servers.
    • Making MG deployment more responsive, fluid and polished.
    • Total firearms sound overhaul.
    • Large scale skeletal mesh and vram optimisations.

    Currently working on (non-exhaustive list, we just want to give you some idea):

    • Continuing HUD and UI updates.
    • Implementing mocap and making large changes to our TPP animation systems. These will result in a much more natural look and feel.
    • Our FPP experience - with a focus on gunplay - is being overhauled in a separate branch.
    • This is to both match our new TPP look, but also to greatly increase the fluidity of the FPP experience.
    • Continued optimisations.
    • Diving (performed by proning while sprinting). This is wrapped up with our FPP overhaul currently.
    • Bullet penetration.
    • Map balancing (addition of cover and other features in locations that are either boring or creating a tedious gameplay experience).
    • Wheeled vehicles.
    • Three new maps are currently at different stages of development.
    • Updating all audio and SFX. We’ve been testing reflections and different reverb volumes alongside all new weapon fire and reload sounds.

    If you’re enjoying Hell Let Loose, you can help us by leaving us a review on Steam.

    See you on the frontline!

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  • Developer Briefing #42 - Omaha Beach!

    Hey everyone,

    Welcome to Developer Briefing #42! This week we’re incredibly excited to share with you more information about our next map coming in Update 3, Omaha Beach!

    Playable on both our existing gamemode and the upcoming ‘Offensive Mode’, we’re confident that Omaha beach will be a whole new experience unlike anything else for the Hell Let Loose community…

    Omaha Beach, Normandy - June 6th 1944


    The beach!


    Your battlefield!

    Created using archive footage and satellite imagery, you won’t just be playing on a map called Omaha Beach, you will be playing on an accurate recreation of Omaha Beach itself!


    100 players will clash on this shore.


    Fight to capture or defend the actual emplacements from that historic day.


    A potential operating base for the United States or last grasp hold of the beach for the Germans? You decide!


    Clash at the crossroads!

    100-Player Beach Landings

    In Offensive Mode players on the United States will begin the match at sea in Higgins Boats and be dropped off in waves as they assault the beach defended by players on the German side.

    Yes, you read that correctly, we can officially confirm that beach landings via AI controlled Higgins Boats are coming to Hell Let Loose in Update 3!


    You wanted beach focused combat and you’re getting it!


    Fight high and low along the beach terrain.


    Hold the line as the Germans using an extensive system of trenches and bunkers.


    Furious CQC will occur once the Americans begin their push into the deeply entrenched German position!

    We’ll be sharing exactly how Offensive Mode works in next week’s Developer Briefing, but for now we can tell you that it’s an attack and defend mode involving multiple simultaneously active capture points and a shifting focus across the battlefield as the match progresses.

    What does that mean for Omaha? Well if the United States are able to take the beach and its defences they will then have to push past the shore and take the areas beyond the beach as the Germans dig in and attempt to stop the Allied offensive.


    Village squares...


    Lush fields...


    And landmarks!

    Omaha Beach and the new Offensive Mode will launch in Update 3 when it arrives in the near future.

    Hell will be let loose...


    Join us for next week's Developer Briefing when we'll be detailing Offensive Mode!

    We'll see you on the beaches

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    Fr., 4. Oktober 2019 17:36 CEST

    Developer Briefing #43 - Introducing the Offensive Gamemode!

    Hey everyone,

    Welcome to Developer Briefing #43! This week we’re thrilled to share with you a first look at new gamemode coming to Hell Let Loose!

    What is the 'Offensive' gamemode?

    The Offensive gamemode is the second to be introduced to Hell Let Loose, and with Warfare will make up the two key game modes that will sit within the Campaign metagame (we’ll explain more about this in the months to come). While Warfare is about two teams attempting to push each other back, Offensive pits one team of attackers against one team of defenders.

    We felt that the best way of introducing the Offensive gamemode was with one of the most iconic Offensive battles of World War Two - the US landing at Omaha Beach.

    Key features:

    Instead of defending a single sector against the enemy team, Defenders will now need to defend two strongpoints per sector line. Should both of the strongpoints in this line be captured, the defenders will need to fall back and defend the new frontline. If they are able to hold the line for 30 minutes, they will win the battle. Once they lose a strongpoint, they won’t be able to retake it. It is important to note that while a player can capture a sector from anywhere inside it in Warfare - in Offensive they must be within the strongpoint.

    Win Condition:


    Must capture all four sector rows before finally capturing one of the enemy’s two HQ strongpoints in the final fifth sector row in order to win the game.


    The defending team must stop the attackers from gaining a sector row within the 30 minutes. If they hold the attacker at a row for more than 30 minutes they will be victorious.

    Opening Stages


    On beginning the game, Infantry and Recon units are able to decide their sector of attack. Once they’ve chosen it, they’ll spawn into one of several Higgins boats in that sector and begin the journey to shore. As they reach shore, the ramps will go down and they’ll need to clear them immediately and get straight to cover - be it a sunken obstacle or sandbar. From there, they’ll need to push up to take the first strongpoints in order to progress up to the bluffs.

    Armored crews will be able to choose a sector to spawn in much like the Infantry, however the Armored crews won’t spawn on landing craft. Instead they’ll spawn beside their Armored landing craft and will need to scramble to quickly mount up in their tanks before the Germans get to their positions on the bluff. From there, the Armored crews will need to begin shelling the bluffs and suppressing the MG positions in order to protect the first landing wave. Note that the attackers begin the game with 1000 resources.




    We’ve studied large numbers of Veterans accounts to recreate the specific mix of armor and infantry that landed on the beach that morning.


    On beginning the game, the Defenders have two primary choices as to where they spawn - at front line Garrisons, or at the rear HQ.

    Be aware that the Defenders start with 0 resources, and will therefore need to quickly construct resource nodes in order to begin using Commander abilities, artillery and to spawn in vehicles. The reason for this was to emulate both the surprise of being attacked, as well as to balance the ability for attackers to make headway in the first sector row.

    We also felt that being shot by a Luchs while you’re in a Higgins boat on your way to shore would not be an enjoyable experience (and that historically the Germans were caught without their armor to assist them at the beaches).


    Two randomly chosen sectors per row are active. They can be separated by an inactive sector.


    • We recommend the US Commander begin calling in support on the bluffs in order to screen the initial landing.
    • We also recommend the Officers to prepare smoke to mask the landing location prior to the ramp dropping.

    Offensive and Warfare have been designed to be universal and will be available on all Hell Let Loose maps. Over the coming patches and updates, we’ll be introducing layers to existing maps and new maps. For example, Foy will receive both an Offensive German layer (in which the Germans attack and US defend), as well as an Offensive US layer (in which the US attack and the Germans defend). To differentiate these different layers, we’ll be setting them up with different weather and lighting conditions. For example, the Allies may attack at dusk, while the Germans may attack in dense fog. We feel this is a great way to create new experiences in maps that players are already familiar with.

    Lastly, please know that we as a team are committed to creating the best experience possible. We’ll be watching for your feedback about the battle on Omaha Beach, as well as the Offensive mode more broadly.

    Please note: Offensive Gamemode is the renamed Invasion Gamemode. We felt that “Offensive” was far more accurate in the context of World War Two and would apply to all maps - new and old.

    That's it for this week! We'll see you back here next week for another Hell Let Loose developer briefing!

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