• End State

    End State


    • Iron Sight
    • Action
    • Indie
    • RPG
    • Strategie
    • Early Access
    • Windows


    In END STATE you manage an international mercenary company hired to track down a network of terrorists in a war-torn country where warring rebel groups, criminal organizations and private security forces fight for power. The game is set up as an open-world experience, that gives you freedom to choose what missions to take, who to hire and how to progress towards your targets.


      Opportunity Fire triggers a reaction test when an enemy walks in to view. All participants in these situations can choose to shoot which often to intense firefights.


      Each bullet is traced through the scene and react with the environment according to its penetration value and the resistances of walls and objects.



    The game features a strategic satellite map where you manage your organization, hire operatives, buy gear and find missions. Explore the Eastern European themed Brekovia, encounter enemy patrols, engage road blocks and make contact with the different factions operating within the country.

    When you enter a mission on the map, the game switches to tactical scenario where you control each of your soldiers in turn based tactical battle. There are many viable tactics to each scenario, ranging from stealthy take-downs, coordinated assaults, strategically positioned snipers to explosive entry using C-4. Choose the best approach for each mission.


    • Turn-based tactical combat, with action points and interruptions.
    • Strategic layer where you manage your operatives, skills, equipment, leads and missions.
    • Interactive levels with different types of cover, peeking around corners, climbing through windows.
    • Destructible environments.
    • Bullet penetration, different materials
    • 40+ weapons. Lots of armor, helmets, grenades and other equipment.
    • Character appearance customization.
    • Skills and experience.
    • Stealth with advanced visibility and hearing systems.


    End State
    This product uses the steam API.
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